These are the guidelines related to the Action Pattern:

  • NAVIGATOR: Whilst the driver is coding, actively look to make suggestions that contribute to the code.
  • NAVIGATOR: If the driver is muttering, use this opportunity to make sure your suggestions have been properly understood.
  • DRIVER: Whilst you are programming, or thinking about your code, voice your thoughts (even if it is just mumbling and muttering while you’re typing). This helps the navigator know that you are actively working, and will allow for them to make suggestions based on your current actions.

Additional guidelines supplied by software developers:

  • When silent, it can look as if you are clicking randomly on the screen, which risks your navigator being bored and distracted. Voicing your thoughts can help counter this.
  • NAVIGATOR: Think ahead, since you will be driving in a short while: what is the current course of action not covering? Is there anything worth verifying that might have been left out?

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