These are the guidelines related to the Planning Pattern:

  • Suggestions and reviews are optimal states that will allow you to drive your work forward. When in these states, feel free to alternate (e.g. review previous code, suggest an improvement, review methods to be changed, suggest potential impact).
  • At each stage, do not hesitate to ask your partner for clarification as to what they are working on, or suggesting.
  • Think about what your partner is saying and doing. Offering an explanation of the current state can help move the work forward.

Additional guidelines supplied by software developers:

  • Learning to say I don’t know or I don’t understand is critical.
  • Always explain now – try to avoid replying to a question with “you’ll see in a while”, as this will distract your partner.
  • Capture discussed suggestions and reviews so that similar discussions are not unnecessarily repeated over and over.


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