The following are the guidelines related to the Restarting Pattern:

  • If your pair is stuck in a thinking/silent loop and cannot seem to progress, actively break your focus by discussing something completely off-topic and unrelated to the issues at hand. This will allow you to tackle the problem with a fresh outlook.¬†Following this stage, attempt to:
    • Look back on your last couple of steps and review your previous work;
    • Try to suggest next steps related to your end-goal in order to make progress;
    • Identify a fresh thought process.
  • If your partner is attempting to break focus, don’t dismiss this. Breaking one’s focus using jokes, private conversations, etc. can lead to a fresh perspective, which your partner may need.

Additional guidelines supplied by software developers:

  • If you are in disagreement with your partner, you may find it helpful ¬†to break for coffee/lunch/etc. – during which you should physically walk away from your desk.
  • Give your partner space to read the code before suggesting future steps.

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